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Naturopathic medicine is all encompassing, from treatment of acute conditions and chronic disease management, all the way to health optimization and prevention. Everyone can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine.


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About Us

Educating and Empowering families to maximize their life’s potential

Shalva Clinic, LLC is a full service naturopathic clinic offering a wide range of services. Working from a different paradigm of health from many other physicians, we understand that optimal healthcare is more than just treating symptoms. We offer comprehensive care that includes individualized treatment plans to help you thrive in life on numerous levels . We offer women’s and men’s health services as well as pediatric care.

What to Expect.

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to understand our patients and all the factors that impact his/her health.  Like your medical doctor, our naturopathic doctors will take an in-depth history, and seek information from a physical exam and laboratory tests.  
  • Healing Abilities

    In contrast to your medical doctor, our naturopathic doctors may spend far more time with you as a patient, use different tools, and will operate under different philosophical principles, which include a strong belief in the innate healing abilities of the human body.
  • Personal Attention

    In our office you can expect a high degree of personal attention, strict confidentiality, and a wide range of health care services designed to help you find your best level of health. A new naturopathic patient visit typically lasts 1 hour - 90 minutes.


“I was told there were no options; after being scared into thinking that I needed an invasive procedure that could permanently compromise future pregnancies, I discovered Shalva Clinic and found hope that I could heal my cervix holistically through the use of plant medicines and my own immune system. After six escharotic treatments and 6 months of supplements tailored to my needs, it was time to for my repeat test. Upon reviewing my history, yet another MD shamed me for not having had a LEEP procedure. I explained the treatments that I had undergone at Shalva Clinic, the MD, rolled her eyes at me,  laid on the fear factor, and repeated the word cancer several times before performing my exam. The results were all NEGATIVE. No abnormal cells, no HPV. Thanks to Dr. Lewis for providing the courage and conviction that alternatives exist and for helping me to trust and honor my convictions and my body’s own ability to heal!”

Briena, West Virginia

In Hebrew, the word shalva means “peace” or “serenity” which is not only the atmosphere that is created at Shalva Clinic but also something patients experience when their body comes back into balance.

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