Natural and Holistic Menopause Treatment Services

Attitudes toward menopause directly reflect one’s ability to manage physical and emotional symptoms.

In ancient cultures, menopause was a highly respected time in a woman’s life where she was known to become wiser. Our doctors encourage this way of thinking. Menopause is a time of quiet celebration as a woman moves into a deeper level of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. Even more, menopause occurs at the natural end of every woman’s reproductive life. So why not embrace it and treat it in a natural way?

Our doctors have designed a program specifically for menopause and perimenopause that not only helps to mitigate your symptoms but also helps you embrace what should be one of the most beautiful transformational times in your life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has previously been the standard treatment for symptoms of menopause including fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, bone loss, etc. However, we now know that treatment with HRT poses many risks to our health. There are many more natural alternatives available and we help you navigate these options while supporting you in this special time.

Throughout this program, we take a holistic approach by not only working on the physical symptoms but the underlying imbalances and emotional aspects as well. Your body will come more into equilibrium as we identify and support weakened systems. You will achieve an even higher level of wellness and embrace a wiser you!