How long should I expect to spend in my new patient visit?

Your first adult visit typically lasts an hour and a half. We’ll take more time than you might be used to as we create your personalized action plan for health. By looking at your core health concerns rather than just treating symptoms, your initial visit will be a thorough review that will leave you feeling confident that nothing has been overlooked.

Pediatric through adolescent appointments are usually an hour.

Specialty services may take longer–for example, a new escharotic appointment may require up to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Should I still see my other doctors?

Yes! We wholeheartedly believe in a team approach. Many patients are seeking natural, gentle solutions to their health concerns, and easily blend relationships with a traditional internal medicine MD with advice and safe treatments from their Naturopathic Doctor. For some people, we are their primary care physician, and we’re happy to fill that role. We also refer to other physicians in the community when necessary.

We recommend that you see other members of your health care team as required, including your chiropractor, acupuncturist, therapist and any other specialists you may need.

Do you take insurance and what forms of payment do you accept?

We are out-of-network for insurance services. We take payment at the time of visit and then give you the documentation to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. All traditional forms of payment are accepted including health savings accounts (HSAs).

Do you submit to insurance?

We ask that you submit the documentation we provide directly to your insurance provider.

Do you offer walk-in appointments?

As full health care providers, we offer acute care appointments when you’re ill, but we ask that you make an appointment so that we can schedule your care properly. We do assist with acute issues on a same day basis whenever possible: strep throat, UTIs, abdominal pain, etc, are examples of what we consider acute care.

Do you offer same day appointments?

Our established patients can receive immediate care when they’re ill. For regular appointments we’ll schedule you as soon as possible.

Do you prescribe?

Our nurse practitioner can handle all prescriptions for pediatric patients. In the state of Connecticut, naturopathic doctors do not prescribe. Our naturopathic doctors can provide all the necessary information to your primary care physician in the event we recommend a prescription. In some cases, we have an associate medical doctor that can assist for an additional fee.

Where can I get my labs drawn?

Three different options:

1) Quest, Labcorp, Stamford Hospital, Yale, etc for traditional lab work.
2) As a second option, a mobile phlebotomist is available for at-home visits for blood draws for an additional fee.
3) As a third option: we can do the blood draw in our office. For some of the functional testing we do our best option is to draw your blood in-house.

Do I need to have any records with me?

It’s certainly helpful! If you can bring lab reports and any imaging results going back one year at least, we can get a heads tart on your care.

Will I have online access to my electronic medical records?

We have a full online system that you can access.

What do most people experience from being a patient of Shalva Clinic?

Our patients tell us that they have higher energy levels, improved immunity and a better understanding of their responsibility to their body, mind and spirit.

Our focus on medical care with a full understanding that your health is a treasure that should be protected is a proactive approach that keeps you feeling your best.

We make a promise to fully investigate your symptoms and health concerns in a way that gets to the root cause of illness. We pride ourselves on creating a family-friendly atmosphere where you, your children, and your spouse or significant other can all feel comfortable.