What if there was a way to improve your health with pinpoint accuracy, unique only to you?

You might be surprised to learn that advances in medical technology continue to lead health practitioners to new and more exciting tools all the time. There’s a method we have today that can help us to learn about differences in your unique genetic makeup. There are many benefits, including understanding more about your risk factors for certain diseases, such as cancer.

It’s called Genomic Analysis.

What is Genomic Analysis?

You might be familiar with the study of genetics, which examines genes and the way that certain traits are passed down in a family. Genomic Analysis goes further: through simple saliva testing, your DNA and RNA are examined for risks caused by genes when combined with environmental factors. The report gives us deep insights into how to best tailor nutrition, lifestyle and supplements to help you live your healthiest, longest life.

Why is My Genetic Data Important?

Almost all diseases have some basis in our genes. In 2003, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) developed the Human Genome Project, a high-quality version of the human genome sequence from blood donated by several anonymous individuals. That resource created a way for researchers to look for genetic variations that can cause a broad range of diseases. Genome-based researchers now have the tools to  create better lifestyle maps for individuals and their doctors.

Your body does not respond just to your genetic makeup. You are uniquely affected by your diet, lifestyle and environment. Genomic Analysis can show us just where you may be vulnerable and may help to unravel not only diseases like cancer, but also the most effective treatments for you.

Opus23 is the Database We Use to Understand More about YOU

Opus23 is a database that interprets raw genetic data and translates the findings into clinically relevant information. This information is used to create precise and personalized recommendations of nutrients, supplements, treatments, and lifestyle changes to best help you.

The analysis performed by our doctors will include all the following:

  • Exploration of your genes to determine any specific mutations that are contributing to your current health concerns.
  • Analysis to see if there are any disease susceptibilities to prevent.
  • Drug side effect/benefit analysis to determine how your body and genetics respond to certain medications.
  • Food analysis to determine beneficial and problematic foods.
  • Identification of any environmental factors that are detrimental to your health based on your genes.
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

Here are some of the conditions that Genomic Analysis is useful for:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Inflammatory conditions (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Lupus)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Neurological support (Attention, Insomnia, Alzheimer’s)
  • Cancer care support
  • Men’s Health concerns
  • General Health Improvement
  • Prevention and Treatment of many other conditions
  • Weight Loss

What is the Process?

You will be asked to purchase a salivary testing kit through 23andme, Ancestry.com, and/or Geno. Testing kits price vary and should be purchased directly from their website. When you receive the test kit you will collect a saliva sample, fill out the forms and mail it back. You should receive your results in 4-12 weeks. Once results are available you must retrieve your raw data and email it to the clinic at least one week prior to your consult.  Once we receive the raw data, we can upload it into Opus23 and begin the interpretation. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review the findings.

If you are New to our Office:

  • Initial 90-minute Visit – The doctor will gain a thorough understanding of your health history.
  • Follow up 60-minute Telemedicine visit – The doctor will display and review the interpretation and make specific recommendations. You will receive a fully curated report detailing the findings.

If you are an Existing Patient:

  • Initial 15-minute Visit – The doctor will review your overall health history and health goals.
  • Follow up 60-minute Telemedicine visit where the doctor will display and review the interpretation and make specific recommendations. You will receive a fully curated report detailing the findings.

Opus23 is linked to the latest published journals and research, and with each new release, Opus 23 gains new information to shed light on your concerns.

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