With so many fad diets on the market, each telling you to do something different, beginning a weight loss program can be very frustrating.

What we know is that weight loss is NOT just about diet and exercise, and the same program that works for one person may not work for you. Why is this? It is because you are unique and there are many health factors beyond your diet and exercise habits that can influence your ability to lose and maintain your weight. While modifying your diet and exercise may be a part of your program, it is not the only part.

Dr. Lewis begins the program with a thorough intake, physical exam, and may suggest specific diagnostic tests to identify any metabolic or other health imbalances.   After the initial consult you will meet with Tracy Pardo, certified health coach weekly for 3 weeks for 30 minutes to discuss your specific weight management plan.   If coming into the office is not convenient for you, the weekly sessions can be held via phone or skype.  At the end of the program, you will come in for one follow-up appointment with Dr. Lewis where you will review any labwork and discuss your personal weight management plan or future health goals.

Dr. Lewis uses diet, lifestyle, exercise and cognitive therapy to help you accomplish your weight and fitness goals. Basic supplements are included if indicated, but additional supplements may be suggested to fit your individual needs. If you have tried to lose weight without success or are just looking for a healthy weight management program call Shalva Clinic today and get ready to embrace a healthier you!

Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Lewis to address nutrition and health concerns (90 minutes)
  •  (3) 30 minute support sessions with Tracy Pardo
  • Follow-up appointment with Dr. Lewis at the end of the program (45 minutes)
  • Diet plan
  • Exercise plan
  • Resources
  • Discounts on supportive services: hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, fitness classes
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