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By Dr. Ellen Lewis

First of all, let’s drop the stigma of “herpes”. It’s one of the more common infections people will encounter and it doesn’t serve you to dwell on it. Whether you have had an actual outbreak, or recently tested positive on an antibody test (HSV1 IgG or HSV2 IgG) and have never had an outbreak, there is no need to fret. Whether it is oral or genital, let’s use the diagnosis as an opportunity to catapult your health to the next level. You wouldn’t dwell on the fact that you have mono (epstein-barr virus) which is another virus in the herpes family. Nor would you dwell on having toenail fungus which can be even more challenging to treat. So, let’s not dwell on “herpes”and get an action plan together.

What are some things you can do?

1 | Get baseline bloodwork

There are some simple tests your doctor should do to see how your body is functioning overall. These may include inflammatory markers, a metabolic panel, a blood count, and nutritional testing such as zinc, vitamin D, iron, etc.

2 | Support your immune system

Rest. Rest. Rest. When you are depleted, you are more prone to infection. And when you have one infection, you are more susceptible to getting another infection. Be sure to give your body the rest in needs.

3 | Decrease Your Mental & Emotional Stress

There is a clear association between stress and herpes outbreaks. Whether you start saying “no” to those extra projects, or work with a therapist to change your reaction to stressors, it’s time to lighten your burden.

4 | Consider Herbal & Nutritional Remedies

L-Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc, and bioflavanoids are all nutritional supplements that may be helpful. Herbs such as glycyrrhiza, hydrastis, berberis, and echinacea, to name a few, have all been researched looking at their effects on combating herpes and preventing future outbreaks. Consult a provider that is knowledgable in these remedies to develop a customized plan for you

5 | Get Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a treatment that uses “super-charged” oxygen to ramp up the immune system to fight the virus. It can be used directly over lesions during an active outbreak to increase healing time, or it can be delivered systemically (typically through rectal insufflation or IV insufflation) to prevent future outbreaks.

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