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If you are struggling with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, also known as BV, vaginal ozone insufflation may provide significant improvement.   Ozone therapy is a form of oxygen therapy that can be delivered vaginally either in small doses through a syringe, or via a continuous method over the course of 10 minutes.   It provides bactericidal, antiviral, and fungicidal effects without elimination of the normal vaginal flora.  It also optimizes the local immune response.  For women with cervical dysplasia, I offer safe alternative treatments to LEEP.  Read more about Escharotic Therapy here.  However, many women are told they have HPV and/or cervicitis, which means inflammation of the cervix, which is not  dypslasia.  In this scenario women are told to watch-and-wait and left without any treatment options for the HPV.  It is still time for action and there is so much we can do!  Whatever the vaginal infection is, your immune system is not fighting it.  Ozone therapy has historically been used to treat all sorts of vaginal infections.   When combined with other testing and therapies, the outcome is improved!

What are some things you can do if you are having recurrent vaginal infections?

1 | Get Baseline Testing

There are advanced vaginal tests that your doctor can perform to assess the microbiome.  We use premier PCR testing of both the urine and vaginal area to asses the vaginal microbiome including bacterial and fungal species.  This is an important step to identifying any other organisms that are present.  Often women with vaginitis symptoms (itching, burning, discharge) are tested only for yeast and BV and what we have found is there is often another organism present that is making it more difficult to clear the BV or Yeast.  When we treat that other organism symptoms improve.

Your doctor should also get baseline blood work, including inflammatory markers, a metabolic panel, a blood count, and nutritional testing such as zinc, vitamin D, iron, vitamin A to assess your immune health.

2 | Support your Immune System

Eat nutritious balanced meals, get adequate rest, and make time for quality sleep.  This is the foundation of your immune system.

3 | Balance your Hormones

There is a clear association between hormonal imbalances and frequent vaginal infections.  Baseline hormone testing should also be considered.

4 | Consider Herbal & Nutritional Remedies

Herbs such as berberis, garlic, caprylic acid and echinacea, to name a few, may be supportive depending on the type of infection, in treating and preventing vaginal infections.   Probiotics, L-Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc are all nutritional supplements that may be helpful taken orally.  Consult a provider that is knowledgable in these remedies to develop a customized plan for you

5 | Schedule a Consultation for Ozone Therapy

You can request an appointment here!

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