Ideally, preparation for pregnancy and childbirth takes place before you become pregnant but why prepare for pregnancy?

We know that the health of mom significantly impacts the health of her baby, child and ultimately adult later in life.  The healthier mom can be going into pregnancy, then the healthier she and her baby will be during and after the pregnancy.

Whether you are just thinking about getting pregnant, or have been struggling getting pregnant, or have a history of miscarriage, this is the program for you.   We recognize that each person is unique and this holistic program is designed specifically for you.  The program has several objectives including identifying and supporting weakened systems, optimizing wellness through diet and lifestyle, assisted detoxification, and advanced functional assessments and treatments.   Together we will work to restore equilibrium, and ultimately achieve a higher level of wellness that supports your health and pregnancy.  This goes much further than any other pre-conception program.  Patients have a very active role and will experience significant changes that will positively impact their pregnancy.

Program Length:
Meets 2x in the first month; then 1x each following month for 3 months – 1 year