A centuries old approach to health through spiritual practices predating established religions, Shamanic Healing offers a deep connection to the divine. We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Shamanic Healing addresses the spiritual aspect of illnesses and opens a beautiful door to a new harmony in your life.

Modern day Shamanic Practitioners rely on connecting with spiritual energies and contribute to the healing work of doctors.

You may benefit from Shamanic Healing if you are:

  • Facing life transformations, such as marriage, divorce, geographic moves, pregnancy and childbirth, an empty nest, or retirement
  • Going through chronic or acute health challenges, and looking to access the body’s age-old wisdom to heal
  • Feeling traumatized, whether from abuse (sexual abuse, unhealed childhood abuse, or any physical abuse) or generational trauma
  • Suffering from addiction or substance use disorder
  • Experiencing depression, anxiety, or a feeling of being stuck in a situation

What is included in a Shamanic Healing Session?

A 90-minute session with Beverly includes:

  • A compassionate conversation in a safe environment to identify issues and define a desired outcome
  • A personalized journey with Beverly, facilitated with rhythmic drumming while you rest quietly on a massage table. You may experience a meditative state of consciousness.
  • Identifying energy blockages with the assistance of unseen aspects of life including archetypal and dream worlds as practiced by indigenous people around the world
  • Advice on healing modalities, botanical or herbal medicines, changes in lifestyle, and a roadmap for restoring health

What may be included:

  • Power Animal Identification: Integrating your power animal—your helping spirit– into your daily spiritual practice
  • Cord Cutting: Severing emotional connections from any time in your life that may be harmful and leading to physical symptoms and illness
  • Energetic changes that you will feel in the days or weeks after your healing session through removing blockages and re-establishing balance

You can experience Shamanic Healing if:

  • You are open to letting go of old thought patterns and belief systems
  • You are willing to release unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • You want to develop a relationship with your power animal and ancestral guides
  • You trust your intuition and are looking for a clear channel to your own wisdom

Shamanism is not a religion or a dogma, and peacefully co-exists with any established religion that you practice. Shamanic Healing sessions offer a 100,000-year-old path for personal growth and bring you to a peaceful new place in your life.

We welcome questions. You can contact Beverly at info@shalvaclinic.org or (203) 916-4600.